I graduated with a Psychology and Child Development degree from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo in 2004. When I had no clue what to do next, I went to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco. That lead to an 8 year career designing children’s clothes for Gymboree, which I loved! But when I woke up one day and proclaimed to my husband that I wanted to be a wedding photographer, it changed everything!  

Every step of the way, lead to where I am today.

meet Heather...

I am a memory hoarder…I have an unusual amount of photo albums, boxes of memorabilia, and journals just to name a few. It all stems from my fear of forgetting. My grandpa died of Alzheimer’s when I was a kid and I think I never let go of the possibility that one day, I too will forget everything. I never realized growing up that I could actually make a living capturing memories for others the way I did for myself. I photographed weddings for 12 years and loved every second of it because I knew I had a very important role in preserving memories for generations to come. 

It all started with a fear of forgetting...

I definitely do not take for granted the miracle of becoming pregnant which is why I will always tell you to without-a-doubt do maternity and newborn photos. You will not regret capturing such a special and fleeting time in your life no matter how uncomfortable you feel. Trust me, carrying twins was intense, but I am so glad I have the photos of them in my belly!                                           

My passion for photographing families stemmed from my love of capturing my my own.  

After 3 years of trying to get pregnant, 6 IUIs, and 4 IVF transfers, we are now so blessed to have 4 kids. The last 2 are twins (and they came naturally!) Their due date was April Fool’s Day. So if you didn’t know that God has a sense of humor, now you do!  

Because they don't stay little for long... 

“Having Heather photograph our family was a great experience.  She was a blast to work with and captured our personalities and love so beautifully! By the end of the session, we felt like she was a friend.  We were so impressed with the photos! We can't stop looking at them!”

 By the end of the session we felt like she was a friend.