"When I first laid eyes on her I knew

she was the one"

"Because when she smiles my heart

skips a beat"

"she squeezes my hand in public to say

i love you"

"it was love at first sight & everyday

i fall deeper"

"he calls me beautiful first thing

every morning"

fashioned with love, crafted with passion

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I thank God everyday that He has blessed me with my passion and let's face it, my obsession with photography. I get to hang out with the happiest people on Earth -- Couples in Love. It was a long road filled with unexpected twists and turns that brought me to this amazing career. After graduating with a psychology degree from Cal Poly, which came free with a side of anxiety, I had no clue what I was supposed to do next. After an aptitude test pointed me in the direction of fashion design, I enrolled at FIDM. What started out as a shot in the dark, ended up becoming a passion for fashion! I graduated with the highest honors and found myself with a real job designing baby clothes at Gymboree! It wasn't until I married the man of my dreams, who I met traveling in Australia, that I unearthed another passion of mine: photography. I never thought I would find that thing -- that God given gift that would fill my heart with so much happiness. Fashion and Photography couldn't be a more beautiful union as the combination of both make me the unique photographer I am today. 


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There is nothing that fulfills me more than capturing the love, the connection, and the story that exists between couples. My goal is to capture moments that will not only make you smile, laugh, and even tear up, but to trigger a forgotten memory. The images you will see in your slide show and heirloom quality album will illustrate the day like a storybook with the details, the people, the emotion, and most importantly give you the gift to relive the memories over and over again.



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