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 YES! And if underwater portraits sound fun we can incorporate that into the session!

Do you offer senior portraits?

We will start 45 - 60 minutes before sunset to capture the best evening light…I am also obsessed with Blue Hour which happens right after sunset, so in some cases we will keep shooting if the sky is begging for it!

What time do the sessions typically start? 

 My kids are nuts as well! I welcome the chaos because those are real moments and that is where I thrive! Come as you are and I promise to make “Crazy” look “Crazy Beautiful”

My kids are kinda crazy, how will you manage getting photos of us looking good?

I spend a lot of free time scouting out gorgeous spots in the East Bay and beyond. Based on your vision for the session, I can suggest locations! If you have a spot you love, then I will go check it out at sunset to make sure the lighting is just right.

where will the session take place?

I offer a few different resources to help ease to pain of outfitting yourselves for your session. You will be emailed my Styling Guide, Links to my Client Closet dresses, and have free access to my Style + Select account!

What do we wear?