Joelle & Anthony

"Heather was so easy and fun to work with and captured our memories in a special way. She felt more like a friend than our hired photographer. our photographs came back quicker than I could have hoped for, and now I have a new friend too!"

Lauren & Robert

"Heather is very organized and I could tell she wanted to be prepared so that everything would go smoothly. The one thing I appreciated about Heather above all others is that she was able to put me at ease. I am super shy and hate being in front of a camera much less in front of so many people. She gave me the direction I needed and was able to keep me from having an anxiety attack on my wedding day. She is super sweet and made me feel so comfortable. Many of my guests commented on how professional and hard working she was because she never stops shooting. We are very happy with our photos. We got some very candid, unique shots, not just the cookie cutter poses you sometimes see."

Jaimee & Matt

"I’m so blessed to be able to say that Heather Scharf was my wedding photographer. Heather is not only a stellar photographer but also an amazing person! Heather is so genuine and talented – I’m constantly blown away at her work and ability to be so on top of things! You cannot help but feel so incredibly comfortable in her presence and she spreads your positive energy to everyone around her. Taking photos can sometimes be intimidating and working with Heather was NOTHING but fun and exciting! I think what I love most about Heather is that the entire experience with her is just as valuable as the photos. I can honestly say that we walked away with much more than just breath taking photos … we walked away with a really good friend. I think every bride deserves an amazing photography experience, which is why I want to do more than just ‘recommend’ Heather … I want to INSIST that you work with her" 

Miranda & James

"There were so many amazing people that helped make our wedding a day we will cherish til we are old, snarky, and forgetful. But I must take this moment to personally thank Heather Elise of Heather Scharf Photography. We could not have asked for a more talented, passionate, and hilarious individual to capture all the incredible moments from that day. 
Seriously, Miranda and I feel exceptionally lucky to have found her when we did. Because a talent like her will soon be one who is booked out years in advance and beyond our price range. Can't recommend her more highly. Check her blog here of our wedding, be amazed by her talents, and plan a major life event so you have reason to book her as well."

Melissa & Travis

"Heather is simply amazing. Not only is she a true professional, but she is the most talented photographer. She LOVES what she does and her energy is infectious. She makes you feel completely at ease in front of the camera and the result is beautiful images you can cherish forever. Our home is filled with her work. Using her for our engagement shoot and wedding was the best decision I made. I can't wait to use her to take photos of our family someday. She has become a true friend throughout the process. Don't think twice, just book her. You won't regret it! "

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Hello Heather,
We are _________________________________________ and would love you to be our photographer! You can thank __________________________________ for referring us to you! In a nutshell we are a super ____________________ couple that loves to _______________________. Our event date is on ________________ at ________________________ & we are hoping you are available. We are so excited to chat! You can email us at ______________________________ or call us at _________________________.
Sincerely, _____________________ & _____________________
P.S. __________________________________________.

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